BARLEY~(Click on pic arrows to animate)

Along 65 NE of Afula:

Field on 325 E. of Dvira:

Field off of 77:

Field on 234 N. or Urim:

Comparing the same field last year with this year. This field is located on 325 between Hwy 6 and Dvira about 20 km northeast of Be'er Sheva. The sound on the last part is not good with the wind blowing.

Here are a few clips taken today, Feb 21, 2020 beginning on rt 234 just north of Urim and ending up on 232 north of Sdrot. Barley in Israel is not Abib, which will require us to add a 13th month.

Sabbath Service Location:

2929 S. Ridge Road

Green Bay,  WI 54304

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